Dr. Watson and Jerry Andrews

Last school year, Mr. Jerry Andrews attempted to purchase a classroom set of books through a grant at Marlboro County School, due to some miscommunications with the order, the books were never purchased but during the 2021-2022 school year he again resumed his attempts to obtain a classroom set of books to enhance his Honors US History Class.  After reaching out for resources he stumbled into several roadblocks.  Mr. Andrews put together a proposal through Donors Choose, a nonprofit which helps to crowdsource resources for teacher’s projects.  Mr. Andrews selected the book, In Harm’s Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of its Survivors, written by Doug Stanton.  Not only did Mr. Andrews locate the resources to fund this project, he also has managed to contact the author, Mr. Stanton.  Mr. Andrews has invited him to become involved in this project with students at Marlboro County High School.  

The Donors Choose uses a crowdsourcing concept to solicit donors to help fund small projects for schools and teachers, Mr. Andrews shared his project information with family and friends via email and social media.  Jewel Mabe (parent of a former student), Carol Dodd Linker (a former college professor) and a military related nonprofit, Task Force Dagger Special Forces Operations Foundation helped to completely fund the nearly $600 book purchase.

Mr. Andrews plans to use the book to help teach US History and to help to encourage lifelong literacy with the topic and the book.  Marlboro County High School is currently training the EOC staff from High Progress Literacy Inc. to improve literacy skills for all students at the high school.  Mr. Andrews plans to have his class present a panel discussion on World War II as a basis for the using the books in the classroom, Andrews stated, “students will read an engrossing story of service to others and experience the horrors of the war as the survivors of the sinking fight against the elements, one another and the sharks to survive, it is not only a story of history but one of survival against all odds. I am excited to use it in class.  I am eternally grateful to the donors of this project!”