Back to School Bash
Marlboro County School District held their annual Back to School Bash Saturday, August 7th.  

Upon entry, parents registered their children for the 2021-2022 school year.  Parents and children attended sessions such as: How to become a volunteer, Unpacking the standards for parents, Cyberbullying, Wellness and physical activity, and Lunchroom food tasting, to name a few.  

Vendors from businesses, churches, health care, fire department, public library, and nonprofits handed out information and souvenirs.  Parents inquired about transportation to and from school, met their children's school administrators and had the opportunity to win prizes...not to mention lunch was served to everyone!  Health screenings and COVID vaccines were available to parents and youth over 12 years of age.  The I Love Club held their annual youth Entrepreneur program in the Commons area to everyone's delight.

Thanks to support and donations from our community, over 1200 backpacks were collected, with 400 bookbags (with school supplies) handed out to our students Saturday.  The remaining backpacks will be available in the schools to those in need.  Also a big thank you to all of our community partners who came out to assist with the event.  

A huge thank you to Representative Patricia Henegan, Senator Gerald Malloy and the Marlboro Coordinating Council for donating 600 backpacks along with the supplies to fill them. #345