Cooper Bullard

Cooper Bullard is a 4th grade student at McColl Elementary Middle School. In the spring of this year, at the end of his 3d grade year, Copper made a perfect score on the SC Ready Math Assessment for 3rd grade.  Scores for 3rd grade students typically range from 250-575 (average score 453).  Cooper scored a 825 – the perfect score. 

Cooper is an avid gamer and loves to watch YouTube.  He is very inquisitive and enjoys figuring out how things work.  When Cooper finds himself needing a break from the screen, you can find him buried in a book. He loves to read. Cooper has always had a knack for puzzles as well. Cooper enjoys a good challenge no matter where that may take him.  The 2020-2021 school year was anything but normal but despite all of its challenges, Cooper rose to the occasion and excelled.  He is very driven when it comes to his education.  We wish a big congratulations to Copper, his dad, and his mom, who is a 2nd grade teacher at BPS, Brandy Bullard.