Talley Book Donation

Joan Talley traveled from Columbia, SC to Bennettsville this morning to bring a car full of books for the students of Marlboro County School District.  Mrs. Talley explained that purchasing books for children is one of her passions and she loves donating them to those in need.  The students attending Bennettsville Primary School Summer Program were so excited to not only see all of the books Mrs. Talley brought, but to get to choose books to take home as well.  I heard such things as, "I can't wait to get home and read this to my baby sister", "Can I keep this book?  It is exactly what I want", "Can I have more than one?", and the questions went on and on.   Needless to say the students were very excited to have the opportunity to receive new books that they could take home and call their own.   

We would like to thank Mrs. Talley for her generous contribution to our district and let her know that we will continue to distribute books throughout the district to our students through the summer programs.   A partnerships like this which personally touches so many of our students is greatly needed and appreciated by the district. #345